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Frosty Whip, the signature brand of Frosty Boy Global, epitomises elegance and luxury in every adornment. Our premium cream base powder mix, infused with quality and innovation, is meticulously crafted to transform your desserts and beverages from ordinary to extraordinary. It stands as the quintessential choice for cafés and bakeries dedicated to redefining dessert excellence.

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Almost 50 years of product innovation

With almost 50 years of innovating behind us, our commitment, experience and passion is infused into every product we create.

Australian Made

We’re Australian made. Our bases are manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility under globally recognised food standards.

High quality ingredients

Designed for simplicity, our products deliver a smooth, consistent taste loved by customers from around the globe.

Exporting Worldwide

We have a track record in exporting to over 76 countries.

Easy storage

Convenient storage, endless possibilities.

No refrigeration required

No fridge? No problem. Ready when you are.

Excellent serving durability

Reliable and long-lasting, every time.

Frosty Boy Global

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Brisbane, Australia

Delhi, Bangalore & Chennai, India

Manila, Philippines

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Nutritional Information: Average Quantities per 100g dry powder Average quantities per 100g finished product in 1:1 ratio*
Energy 1170 kJ (280 Cal) 2340kJ (559 Cal)
Protein, Total 1.7g 3.5g
Fat, Total 17.7g 31.1g
– Saturated 15.8g 33.9g
Carbohydrates 28.9g 57.9g
– Sugars 18.2g 29.7g
Sodium 177mg 326mg

*When reconstituted as per mixing instructions

Your Go-To Ingredient for
Dessert & Beverage Topper Mastery

Product Specifications :

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Designed for both small and large businesses, Frosty Whip by Frosty Boy Global is not just a product; it’s a revolution in the dessert industry, promising to bring Australian quality to the world. With its easy storage, excellent serving durability, and customization options, Frosty Whip is the secret ingredient your desserts have been waiting for. 

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