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Frosty Whip: Where Every Topping is a Promise of Perfection

Unlimited Creativity

Versatility Unleashed: From a frothy frappe topper to a velvety cappuccino froth, see how Frosty Whip transforms ordinary into extraordinary.

Discover Your Creativity with Frosty Whip

Explore Infinite Application Options

Easy storage

Convenient storage, endless possibilities.

No refrigeration required

No fridge? No problem. Ready when you are.

Excellent serving durability

Reliable and long-lasting, every time.

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Your Go-To Ingredient for
Dessert & Beverage Topper Mastery

Product Specifications :

  • Product Code: C1511.02.FBA
  • Packaging: 1Kg per bag, 9 bags per carton
  • Shelf Life: 18 months

Special Feature

Quadruple the Delight

Watch Frosty Whip expand up to four times by volume, offering unparalleled yield and consistency for all your culinary creations.
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How to Prepare Frosty Whip

Effortless Excellence

Just mix with chilled water and whip to perfection. Whether you desire heavy cream or a lighter touch, Frosty Whip caters to every preference.

Prepare Frosty Whip Your Way

Discover the ease and versatility of Frosty Whip with our tailored preparation methods. Whether you’re crafting a beverage foam or seeking the perfect cream consistency for your desserts, Frosty Whip adapts to your culinary needs.

WF Stand Mixer

Hand or Stand Mixer

Achieving precise cream consistency from heavy to light.

WF Cream Gun

Cream Gun (Cream Siphon)

Quick and easy topping applications.
WF Shaker


Beverage foam creations.

No Preservatives

Australia Made img

Australian Made

No Artificial Colours

Whip Up Some Magic?

Transform your menu

Designed for both small and large businesses, Frosty Whip by Frosty Boy Global is not just a product; it’s a revolution in the dessert industry, promising to bring Australian quality to the world. With its easy storage, excellent serving durability, and customisation options,
Frosty Whip is the secret ingredient your desserts have been waiting for.
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